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What We Do

Friends of EPAS strives to create limitless possibilities for the City shelter by increasing the value of services and the agility in which those services are provided. We raise funds to directly benefit El Paso Animal Services in three major areas: Funding Medical Needs, Supporting Animal Care and Lifesaving Programs, and Helping Keep Families Together. Caring for tens of thousands of pets each year requires great support. EPAS works hard to increase quality of life for shelter pets and reduce unnecessary euthanasia through its lifesaving goals, and by fundraising, Friends of EPAS is able to help additional resources and options to support their mission.

Friends of EPAS focuses support on three key elements:

Ready to help save lives? Give today!

Your Impact

Your dollar makes a difference! See the ways your generous gift can impact the pets in our community and consider being a one-time or monthly donor.


Vaccinates & Microchips a Community Pet


Provides 2 Weeks of Positive Reinforcement Dog Training


Pays for a Pet to be Spayed/Neutered at the EPAS Pet Wellness Clinic


Funds the Pet Pantry
for One Day


Supports a Litter of Orphaned Kittens in Foster Care


Funds Treatment for a Puppy with Parvovirus

Ready to help save lives? Give today!

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